Ashsinhalt Kekkijutsu (AI) JC.


Bred By:

Georgina Roberts

Date of Birth:

7/11/20, 5:13 am










JC (Junior Courser - Lure Coursing)


Lure coursing: 2nd Place Whippet 2nd Place Sighthound


10x Best Baby Puppy In Group 1x Best Baby Puppy In Show

1x Best Baby Puppy In Specialty Show

Nezuko is the sweetest of all of our girls, she loves cuddles and attention, and gives the absolute best cuddles ever! She has incredible drive and power and is amazing to watch on the field. At home Nezuko is settling well now that she is maturing and healed from her tibial crest fracture at 6 months of age. She is a super happy girl who loves to use her voice to let you know when she's happy and excited for zoomies. She is quiet around kids, and knows when to settle down which is great. She is a slower to mature girl, but picking up her sport foundations with ease, she is excelling in Sledding, lure coursing, agility and weight pull, Nezuko is clearly my most intelligent dog and willing to please, she picks up training phenomenally, but needs time to mature for sure, I call her my little Malinois due to her incredible ability to pick up training and her drive to train and learn. Nezuko is our pick from the Kiera X Harry litter, she has the most prey drive in the whole litter, she was a little ratbag as a puppy, chewing everything she can and running under foot, Nez was a highly capable jumper from a young age, jumping over our 36inch puppy pen at 4 weeks of age, and a 48 inch puppy pen at 6 weeks of age... there is no containing this girl! She is a beautiful confident, outgoing girl, much like her mother Kiera in temperament. From the moment Nez stepped foot in the show ring, she's been unstoppable since. She swept up her entire first weekend of 4 shows with 4 Best Baby Puppy in Group and 1 Best Baby Puppy In Show!

She has won under whippet specialist judges and all breed judges. But most importantly, she is super confident and nothing fazes her at all! Sadly Nez fractured her tibial crest at 6 months of age, she has now recovered perfectly, but I haven't really put her back in the show ring since her fracture, I'm confident she would be well and truly titled by now if I was entering her, but I have decided to do what I enjoy most, the lure coursing and other sports. Nez earnt her JC Title with absolute ease, she took to the field like a fish in water. All judges she has entered under so far have been blown away with her, we all cant wait to watch her in the open stakes now that she's eligible, although she's got her half sister Rikka to compete against, which is tough competition!


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