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Current & Planned Litters

At Ashsinhalt Whippets, we specialize in breeding beautiful and healthy Whippets. Our planned litters are carefully thought out and planned with the future health and temperament of our puppies in mind. Our Whippets are known for their energetic and affectionate personalities, and we strive to ensure that all of our puppies carry these traits. We also ensure that our breeding dogs are rigorously health tested to ensure that all of our puppies are healthy and free of any genetic defects. We are committed to providing our puppies families with the best possible Whippet puppies, and our planned litters reflect this commitment.

Drama X Ryota

Spirited Away Litter  |  Planned Mid 2024

Waiting List: OPEN

Expected In Heat: Any day now

Expected Due Date: April, 2024

Colours Expected: 50% Brindle, 50% Fawn

Click here to view this litter.

Spirited Away copy.jpg
ReZero Poster.jpg

Nezuko X Senna

reZero Litter  |  Planned Mid-Late 2024

Waiting List: OPEN

Expected In Heat: October, 2024
Expected due date: December, 2024

Colours Expected: 25% Black, 25% Blue, 12.5% Brindle, 12.5% Blue Brindle, 12.5% Fawn, 12.5% Blue Fawn.

Click here to view the litter.

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