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Current Litters

Below you will find all of our current and planned pairings for future litters. If a specific litter takes your fancy and you are interested in a puppy, please contact us to find out more to join our waiting list.

Soul Eater Poster.jpg

Rikka X Blue

Soul Eater Litter  |  Mid 2023​

Waiting List: 1 Spot Available

Heat Cycle Due: May, 2023
Litter Expected: August 2023

Go Home: October/November, 2023

Colours Expected: 100% Black in Solid and White trim

Click here to view this litter.

Nezuko X Lorenzo

Demon Slayer S2 Litter  |  Late 2023​

Waiting List: OPEN

Heat Cycle Due: August, 2023
Litter Expected: October 2023

Go Home: December, 2023

Colours Expected: 50% Brindle and Blue Brindle, 50% Fawn and Blue Fawn

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Demon Slayer 2.jpg
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