Puppies are brought up to ensure every step possible for a well socialised, happy puppy, this includes using ALL puppy culture protocols including all updated protocols, ENS and ESI starting from 3 days of age, regular training, balance training for joint and muscle strength and development, exposure to different sounds, textures and environments to gain confidence and encourage thinking, socialisation to a range of other non canine species and lots of handling exercises and play.
Puppies will also be beginning their potty training to go potty outside on grass and crate training before leaving to their new homes.

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All puppies go through multiple assessments in different areas to get an idea of each puppy as an individual, this then helps us choose which puppy is staying with us, and which are suitable for each family.

We feed our dogs on a complete and balanced raw diet and encourage puppy buyers to continue to raw feed their puppies once at home, please feel free to message me about raw diets, I am always happy to chat to people about this diet and show them how to make their own, otherwise there are a number of pre-made raw meals available Australia wide.

All puppies will leave around 10 weeks of age, they will receive their first vaccination as well as their microchip at 7 weeks of age and will come with ANKC registrations and pedigree.
All puppies are $4000 and take home a quality puppy pack of things you will use and will last.
Deposits are payable once litters are born and final payment due upon puppy assignment around time of microchips.


Sport, hunting and active homes will take preference

All breeding puppies will leave in co ownership with me on mains registration, until proof of full health testing, then the dog will be transferred into full owners name if all health tests are normal.
In the rare chance one of my dogs does not pass health testing, it will be transferred to limited registration immediately.


I will only breed a litter when I am looking to add to my pack, I do not condone nor will I ever needlessly breed dogs, every litter is carefully thought out with a purpose in mind to better my dogs.
I will from time to time have older puppies available that I have decided not to continue with in my breeding program for whatever reason, that will be looking for the best of homes, but I do not rehome my adults, each dog I choose to keep is a lifelong member of my family, I do not believe in rehoming dogs.

Puppies will be assessed for numerous different things as they grow, this will help to pick out which puppy will be going to which home and which will be staying with me.
Puppies will go through confidence, drive and instinct tests as well as personality and temperament tests starting at 6 weeks of age, and all puppies will be assessed for show prospects after 8 weeks of age.


So although you will not be able to pick out your own puppy, your puppy will be personally picked for you to match what you are looking for in a dog to ensure both you and the puppy are the right match for each other and both are happy.

Planned Pairings

We are planning our next litter from Rikka (Ashsinhalt Keikaku JC.) to Blue (Sprinters Pride) for the end of 2022, this is a very exciting litter, being the first litter born into Australia out of Mike Brown bloodlines!

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Waiting list is currently open!

Planned Pairings

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Puppies Available

All puppies have found loving forever homes, check out our planned pairings page to be up to date on our next litters.