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Pedigree Link:

Bred By:

Georgina Roberts





Health Testing Results

Date of Birth:

23/2/20, 3:28 am






Light Fawn Brindle and White


FCh - Field Champion (Lure Coursing)
sFCh - Singles Field Champion (Lure Coursing)
LCM - Lure Courser of Merit (Lure Coursing)
sLCM - Singles Lure Courser of Merit (Lure Coursing)
ET - Endurance Test
JC - Junior Courser (Lure Coursing)


2021 Battle Of The States, Australia's Fastest Whippet!

Rikka is also Australia's fastest whippet to ever compete in Battle Of The States

Lure Coursing:

4x Best in Field

5x Best Sighthound on Field

9x 2nd Place Sighthound

5x 3rd Place Sighthound

11x Top Scoring Whippet


2x Baby Puppy In Group

3x Minor Puppy In Group

2x Puppy In Group

3x Junior In Group

1x Intermediate In Group

1x Best Exhibit In Group 4th

1x Best Exhibit In Group

6x Best Of Breed

Rikka is a funny girl, never fails to be Rikka and make me laugh. She is our most independent girl and only really enjoys attention on her own terms. She will jump into my arms whenever she feels like it, usually when she's excited and wants to get my attention. Her jumping ability is phenomenal, she will scale whatever she wants to no matter how tall it is. We keep dog beds up high specifically for her, she's like a cat, and enjoys watching her kingdom from above. Rikka is built for speed, her speed, and power is second to none, she has claimed the Fastest Whippet in Australia on her first timed run at just 14 months of age and absolutely smashed it against previous winners. Out on the lure coursing field, her speed is no match for even the biggest of boys, she will leave all of her competitors in the dust, I am yet to see a whippet come close to her in speed! As a young pup she was a clear standout from the others, she is very much like her daddy in build. Her drive and natural instinct was amazing from such a young age and it was clear from the beginning she was going to be something special. Rikka was fast to mature and didn't let anything stop her. From lure coursing, sledding, agility and weight pull, she's exceeded far beyond my expectations. She has a beautiful tight sit, indicative of her sound structure. Rikka is incredibly intelligent, although sometimes on her own terms of course, Nezuko wins in the training department, Rikka just has an extra spark in her brain that I can't quite put into words.


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