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Ashsinhalt Puppy Questionnaire


Please answer this questionnaire to the best of your ability, the more details you can give, the better, to understand what type of home you can offer one of my puppies and so I can pick out a suitable puppy to match what you are looking for in a whippet.

Copy and paste the below questions to the contact form below and write out your answers, or fill out the Word Doc below and email to

Click here to download the puppy questionnaire editable PDF.

Today’s Date: 

Full Name: 

Contact Information:


Will you be the primary care giver of the puppy?





Are there any children in the household? What is their experience with dogs/puppies and how do they behave around animals?





How would you describe your household activity level? Quiet, busy, regular hikes, runs, walks, biking etc.





Do you own any other pets?

What is your experience training dogs? Are you willing to spend time to properly train the puppy?




What diet will you be looking at feeding your puppy?





Do you plan on desexing the puppy? If so, at what age and why? We highly recommend waiting until the puppy is over 2 before desexing.





Where will the puppy be living? Eg inside, outside, free access to both, kennelled?





What are you looking for in your puppy? eg show prospect, hunting prospect, sporting prospect (what sports), energy level, trainability, calm, confident, more reserved? etc.





Are you interested in a Female or Male, or no preference?

Do you have any colour preference? I will try to match up colour preferences where possible.


If circumstances arise and you can no longer keep your puppy, are you aware that he/she MUST come back to me? I will organise a new home so I know where they are going and know they will be well taken care of.


And most importantly, will you keep in touch with me for the remainder of your puppies life? give me regular updates on how he/she is going and attend play dates (if possible)?


How did you hear about us and why did you choose us over other breeders?


Puppies are chosen by myself based on what each person on the waiting list is looking for, and the best home for each puppy. We usually get a good mix of personalities and find the perfect match for what each owner is looking for in their future puppy.

Please let me know if you have any questions for me and I am more than happy to answer, please read our FAQ section before enquiring, thank you.

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