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Welcome to our contact page!

We are a small whippet breeder and we take pride in providing families with amazing puppies. If you are interested in learning more about our puppies or if you have any questions, please fill out the contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the perfect puppy for your family.

Be sure to read through our FAQ to find answers for your potential questions before contacting.

If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list for any particular litter, we will require the Puppy Questionnaire Form to be filled out and sent back to the email provided on the form.

Ashsinhalt Whippets Enquiry Form

Thanks for contacting us about your next furry family member, we will be in touch shortly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do your puppies cost?
    Our puppies are $4,000 with a $1,000 fully refundable deposit required when the pups are born and we have confirmed numbers and sexes, deposit is deducted from total price. All puppies receive ENS and ESI from 3 through to 16 days of age, positive socialisation and enrichment daily. From 7 weeks of age, all puppies will have their first vaccination as well as microchip and thorough veterinary examination. Puppies will start to be chosen for their new homes around 7 weeks of age, once their personalities are developing and we can see their structure, to make decisions about which puppy is suitable to each family on our waiting list. The balance of the payment ($3,000) is due once we have assigned a puppy to you. We are always happy to hold puppies a bit longer if required as well. Puppies can leave to their new homes from 8 weeks of age. Their puppy pack will be mailed out to you if interstate or go home on the day with the puppy if you're picking up, we make sure to do up a nice puppy pack so the puppy not only has many items smelling like us and their mumma, but also just to spoil our babies one last time! We do up a unique puppy pack each litter and like to keep the items a surprise :) All veterinary paperwork as well as pedigree papers with ANKC are supplied, pedigree papers will be mailed directly to you from Dogs SA after we submit the registrations, which happens after all puppies are assigned to their new homes, so if it is a bit late, don't stress, it will be on the way. I personally don't handle your pedigree, so if it hasn't been received let me know and I can call the office at Dogs SA. Parents are all health tested, carefully chosen sires to complement our bitches on health, temperament, conformation and instinct, we take great pride in ensuring we are breeding healthy, happy, confident, intelligent and correct whippets, and ensure we are testing for as many genetic traits that are in our breed, as new tests become available, we will test our dogs for it. $50 from each puppy sold, is donated to The Whippet Health Foundation.
  • Will an Ashsinhalt whippet be safe with pet cats/other pets?
    Yes! Although we breed for high prey drive and strong instincts in our puppies, we also breed for confidence and intelligence. Whippets are more than capable of determining the difference between pets and prey, it all comes down to the training you provide and correct socialisation. Whilst here with us, our puppies are exposed to numerous pets of different species and start the learning process between pets and prey. Our puppies are introduced to cats, ferrets, guinea pigs and chickens using a positive approach.
  • Can I buy 2 puppies, or buy a puppy when I already have a young puppy at home?
    Short answer is no. The reason for this is for the very real 'littermate syndrome', this does not just occur in litter mates, but any puppy of any breed within 6-12 months of age to each other. Guide dog trainers experimented with placing two puppies that have undergone temperament testing to prove suitability for service work, in the same home with their highly experienced puppy raisers and found drastic results so prominent, they immediately separated all puppies into single homes and never placed two in the same home again. In all cases, they found one of the two puppies to become shy and withdrawn, even when both puppies were bold and confident to begin with. Both puppies learnt to rely on each other and never reached their full potential, even after separating. Further along they noticed the following: The shy puppy becomes increasingly withdrawn and introverted and never reaches potential. Often even the “bold” puppy turns out to be quite nervous and uncertain when separated. The puppies often become incredibly co-dependent, exhibiting high anxiety when separated. They often fail to bond to their human family as strongly as they otherwise would, if at all. At social maturity, these puppies may begin fighting with one another, often quite severely. Littermate syndrome is incredibly hard, if not impossible to prevent. The workload it requires is far beyond even experienced dog owners and trainers. Both puppies will need to be kept separate for most of the time, trained separately, sleep separately, play with you separately, etc, all out of sight from the other puppy. This becomes way more than just twice the work for twice the amount of puppy, no, it becomes 10x the amount of work and is honestly not feasible nor ethical for companion animals.
  • Our Return Policy
    When purchasing an Ashsinhalt puppy, you are agreeing to return the puppy if you find you are no longer able to keep and care for them, this applies for the life of the dog. A refund will be issued once the puppy/dog has found his/her new forever home, minus any veterinary or travel costs associated.
  • Our Desexing Policy
    When purchasing an Ashsinhalt puppy, you are agreeing to keeping the dog intact/entire for a minimum of 18 months of age. Hormones play a huge role in the correct growth and development of a dog as well as maintaining correct function. Hormones are responsible for a huge part in joint and bone development, brain development and function, mood and emotional responses, and so much more.
  • Our Guardianship Program
    We are now offering puppies into our Guardianship Program! We understand that we can't keep all of our beautiful puppies so that each and everyone of our own dogs get the time and attention they deserve. We are offering the occasional puppy into our Guardianship Program, where they can be loved as part of a family, but still be able to help us achieve our breeding goals. These puppies are either our pick or second pick of the litter, of either gender, sold to become apart of our Guardian's family. The puppy/dog will be health tested (paid for by us) and once they are of breeding age, will return back to us for the durations of breeding and whelping, and to raise their litters here with us, before returning back to their loving families. Financial benefits are given to their Guardians for each successful litter. We would also pick up the puppy/dog on the occassional weekend for showing and sporting events, to gain titles on them and prove their worthiness for the future of the breed. Once the dog is retired from breeding, ownership is then transfered to the Guardian to live with their loving families. If you are interested in learning more about our Guardianship Program, send us a message.

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