Ch. Hartzfyrre Song Of Ice N Fire ET. JC.

Pedigree Link:

Bred By:

Denni & Tony Maxwell

Date of Birth:

12/12/17, 1:30 pm










Ch. (Australian Champion - Conformation)
ET. (Endurance Tested)
JC. (Junior Coursing - Lure Coursing)


Lure Coursing:

2x Best In Field

3x 1st Place Sighthound

2x 3rd Place Sightound


3x Intermediate in group

6x Best Of Breed

Kiera is the foundation to our kennel, my first pedigree whippet after owning hunting line non peds previously. Whilst young she had many successful hunting trips, my first fox dog in fact, her instinct and prey drive is amazing and has passed down through her offspring perfectly. She was different to my non peds as puppies and really took a long time to settle into our home at 9 weeks of age after her flight home when we got her. She has never been the most confident of dogs and has always had issues with seperation anxiety. I have dedicated many hours of research and time into developing the best puppy raising protocol I can to ensure all of my puppies go home as confident and well socialised as possible, putting in the effort so my puppies families have an easy transition with their new puppies. Although most of her children have been the complete opposite of her, I have found with every single litter we have had with her, her puppies have taken after their fathers and really don't posses any kiera traits at all other than her working instinct and prey drive. I am grateful to have started my kennel with kiera for many reasons and I dont think I would have been as successful with my breeding without her starting it. Although her anxiety is an issue, it is the only issue she has ever had, she gives everything a go and will trust that I will never put her in a bad situation, she has been a great teacher to her puppies and is an incredible mother who has taught me so so much. She has had her fair share of decent pointed best of breed wins in conformation, earning her champion title, although it was no easy feat, with her fair share of faults, but we got there in the end. She gained her endurance test title first go and with ease! Lure coursing may have taken her till 18 months of age to gain the confidence to go around the entire field without running back to me, but we persisted and from the first full course she finished, she was hooked! Kiera has unfortunatly dealt with her fair share of bad luck, with several dog attacks which have made her fearful in a lot of environments, her most recent one being at an agility training night, which ended her agility career completely. Lure coursing is the only field she feels safe in now, however in June of 2022 she had a severe toe dislocation and a failed corrective surgery, meaning she may never compete again. We're not sure what the future has in stall for Kiera, now retired from breeding, she is raising her last litter and enjoying her snoozes on the bed all day long.

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