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Rikka's Pregnancy

Before Mating

Rikka has come into heat on the 21st September, 2022. she had a series of progesterone tests done to determine perfect time fo rmating, however I lost my notes so only the last two results are here, due to fault of the veterinary clinic we use, we missed ovulation and after the weekend we went back and she was high at 20.3nmol/L so had her mated that day and hope we didnt miss our window. Time to start using a new veterinary clinic!

4th October (Day 13) - Progesterone Test 20.3 nmol/L

                    Successful natural mating that afternoon

7th October (Day 16) - 63.6nmol/L

Week 1.jpg

Week 1

Week 1 Measurements


Waist: 41cm
No physical changes yet, but noticing Rikka is more affectionate and clingy the last couple days

Week 2.jpg

Week 2

Week 2 Measurements


Waist: 41cm

Rikka has been incredibly affectionate and clingy. Constantly wanting snuggles and stealing my spot anytime I get up.

Week 3.jpg

Week 3

Week 3 Measurements


Waist: 41cm

Rikka has been slightly less clingy than last week, but more grumpy than usual with the other dogs, she is spending time on her own and not interatcing with the others so much.
Her teats are enlarged and quite pink!


Week 4

Week 4 Measurements


Waist: 41cm

We have confirmed Rikka's pregnancy via ultrasound and saw at least 2-4 puppies! 

Rikka has been very lazy but perks up for the cries of Kieras puppies. She has been feeling a little nausous this week and starting to go off her food a litttle bit.

Week 6.jpg

Week 6

Week 6 Measurements


Waist: 49cm

We missed last week appologies about that, such a busy week!
But Rikka's appetite has increased so much, she wants to eat so much food. She is so sooky and sweet, but will steal food at a moments notice!
I think we have more than what we saw on ultrasound on board here!

WEEK 7.jpg

Week 7

Week 7 Measurements


Waist: 54cm


She has been super weird and sooky lately, her mood swings are hilarious, one second she wants to kill all of her toys, the next she wants to sit in your lap and smooch your face!

Week 8.jpg

Week 8

Week 8 Measurements


Waist: -

Very lazy, and spending most of her time snozing, enjoys being outside for a little run around, but not much energy left for running around!

Week 9.jpg

Week 9

Sleeping 24/7, can't run around with the others at all, instead just walking around the yard to potty and then back inside to snooze, whilst the ours run around like crazy.
At the end of this week she was looking around for the perfect spot to nest, wanting to be in her crate all the time, not so much in her whelping box, but she settled into her whelping box perfectly fine in the last 48 hours.
Pleased to announce the arrival of 7 beautiful puppies on the 6th December, 2022!

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