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Kiera's Pregnancy 

Before Mating

Kiera has come into heat on the 25th August, 2022. She will have a series of progesterone tests to determine her ovulation and perfect the timing for mating
For natural mating's we don't need to pinpoint the exact time of ovulation as we do with inseminations, but just enough to know roughly where she is at.

25th September, 2022: First day of heat cycle

2nd August, 2022 (Day 8): Progesterone test - 2.2

9th August, 2022 (Day15): Progesterone test - 4.2

10th August (Day 17): Natural Mating

17th August, 2022 (Day 23): Progesterone test - 38.7 (Ovulation)
Kiera is usally always the same each cycle so we thought we a pretty good idea of where she's at based on previous cycles (usually ovulating day 17), however on day 23 our boys at home went crazy, so we got her tested and sure enough, she ovulated very late in her cycle this time, so off for another mating to be sure we didnt miss it.

Expected due date is the 18th October, 2022!

Week 0.jpg

Week 0

Baseline Measurements:

Weight: 12.9kg

Waist: 41cm

Week 1.jpg

Week 1


Weight: 12.9kg

Waist: 41cm

Kiera has no noticable changes yet, maybe a little more clingy and lazy than usual

Week 2.jpg

Week 2


Weight: 12.9kg

Waist: 41cm

Increased appetite and even more clingy than last week, we are hopeful she is pregnant!
Ultrasound booked for the 9th September.

Week 3.jpg

Week 3


Weight: 13kg

Waist: 43.5cm

She hasnt gained any weight but she has gained 2.5cm in belly circumfrance! Is it poop or is it puppies? We will find out on friday!

Kiera has been living her life in bed under the covers 24/7 snoozing away, but I cant blame her, it's cold again. She has a big appetite, but didnt want to touch her food this morning, morning sickness perhaps?


Ultrasound on the 9th of September confirmed Kiera is pregnant!
Vet was able to count 5 puppies. Ultrasounds can never be fully reliable on numbers, but we know we have at least 5 puppies.


Week 4


Weight: 13kg

Waist: 43cm

Kieras lowerchest area is growing in width and starting to grow in depth too, its not very noticable in the photo, but shes got a belly growing!
She still as lazy as ever, sleeping all day long, but she can no longer eat full meals and has to eat small amounts frequently.

Week 5 copy.jpg

Week 5


Weight: 13.5kg

Waist: 43cm

Her bellly is growing noticably each day at this point. temperament still the same as last week, lazy and sweet, loving attention and belly rubs.

Week 6.jpg

Week 6


Weight: 14.4kg

Waist: 49cm

Kiera is looking quite big now, she is super adorable and sooky!

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