Kiera's Pregnancy

Before Mating

Kiera has come into heat on the 9th November, 2021. She will have a series of progesterone tests to determine her ovulation and perfect the timing for insemination.
For insemination we are looking for the LH surge in the prog test results, this is indicated by the rapid increase in number indicating Ovulation, artificial Insemination will then take place 2-3 days after the surge has been identified, when the bitch should be at a level around 30.

9th November 2021: First day of heat cycle

15th November, Day 6:  Prog Test 1.6

18th November, Day 9: Prog Test 2.4

23rd November, Day 14: Prog Test 5.7

26th November, Day 17: Prog Test  17.9 (Ovulation)

27th November, Day 18: Prog Test 47

29th November, Day 20: TCI Insemination

Expected due date is the 28th January, 2022!


Week 0

Baseline Measurements:

Weight: 14.15kg

Waist: 43cm

Week 1.jpg

Week 1

Week 1 Measurements:

Weight: 14.25kg

Waist: 43.5cm

No noticeable behaviour changes in Kiera yet

Week 2.jpg

Week 2

Week 2 Measurements:

Weight: 14.2kg

Waist: 43cm

Kiera is becoming a little more affectionate and her nipples are pinkening up slightly, loss of appetite, otherwise she's not displaying many changes yet.

Kiera had an early ultrasound at 19 days on the 15th December to confirm she is pregnant! We will go back again once puppies are a little bigger for photos and a rough number.

Week 3.jpg

Week 3

Week 3 Measurements:

Weight: 14.2kg

Waist: 43cm

Kiera is continuing to become more affectionate, appetite is beginning to increase and nipples are becoming more prominent
Again overall not many changes in Kiera yet, she's had 2 previous litters and seems to understand what is going on now.

Week 4.jpg

Week 4

Week 4 Measurements:

Weight: 14.2kg

Waist: 43.5cm

Kiera is growing more and more affectionate and now likes to greet me in bed every morning for kisses and cuddles, she has also been camping out under my bed sheets 24/7 like a little hermit crab!


Not much physical change yet, her belly is not really noticeable, but between 4 and 5 weeks is when their uterus starts to fill with fluid to protect the babies so we should be seeing a big change by week 5.

Week 5.jpg

Week 5

Week 5 Measurements:

Weight: 14.5kg

Waist: 44cm
Kiera nipples have continued to enlarge greatly, Kiera is very needy for attention and wanting to rest all day long
Her belly growing slightly, we should be seeing daily growth now that her belly is filling! Not long to go now, only 4 more weeks


Week 6.jpg

Week 6

Week 6 Measurements:

Weight: 15.5kg

Waist: 49cm
Kiera is eating smaller, more frequent meals and toileting a lot more often. She wants to sleep under the bed sheets all the time now and is not playing with any of the other dogs at all almost, just wants to sleep!


Week 7.jpg

Week 7

Week 7 Measurements:

Weight: 16.5kg

Waist: 53cm
Kiera has been sleeping 24/7, not very exciting! She gained a lot of weight, a whole kilo from last week, looks like it's all gone to her ass though.

She's definitely got less puppies than Rikka, looking closer to her size in the first litter, when she had 6 



Week 8

Week 8 Measurements:

Weight: 17.2kg

Waist: 58.5cm

Puppies are very active, but Kiera is comfortable and sleeping 24/7
She has gained a further 700 grams, again must be going straight to her ass because her belly is tiny! Will be interesting to see how many puppies she has!