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Whippets of Integrity

Ashsinhalt Whippets are ANKC registered, in-home purpose bred, true to function companions. Located in Adelaide, South Australia, we are not a kennel but a dog crazy family. Our pairings are made with a strong focus on health and temperament above all else. We strive to breed healthy, long lived adaptable companions through extensive health testing and superior puppy raising protocols.

Dedicated to breeding whippets true to type and function, striving to produce whippets back to their original form - excelling out in the field!

About Me

Breeding with a purpose

I fell in love with the working whippet, the true whippet - a powerful, confident, driven dog. A dog that excels in anything they put their mind to, a dog who works in close cooperation with you, not to please, but to work as a true team.

I am a true Whippet lover through and through, my first dog was a whippet and my last will be one too. I am entirely dedicated to this breed and will always strive to breed the best whippet I can, to be amazing pets and workers for everyone to enjoy well into the future.