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My goals, as a breeder, is to better the breed, whippets have made a name for themselves being timid, weak, fragile, all of this should not be true, however in many cases it is. Temperament is not just about breeding good dogs, it is so much more than that, temperament is one of those complex traits that very few breeders can actually achieve, and even fewer want to achieve.
Whippets are most certainly your shadow, they love people, love affection, and most importantly, they love to work with you! A whippet should be intelligent and quick to learn, they should be strong, powerful and capable of great intensity. A whippet is an ideal companion and sporting dog, capable of mastering anything, from obedience to agility, and even sled sports and weight pull, whippets even hold the world record for dock diving! A whippet is one of those magical dogs who will master absolutely anything, as long as you're willing to let them, the only limit to a whippets mind, is you.

Although conformation is extremely important in ensuring a dogs health, the 'sport' of conformation is nothing more than a sport.
A whippet should always look like a whippet, but certain aspects of a whippets body will increase endurance, speed and agility, in my opinion, true to original breed purpose, a whippet should have all the aspects that allow for maximum endurance, speed and agility.




The written standard for whippet temperament, something judges and breeders alike have been overlooking. Temperament is something I am very passionate about with my breeding, I will never look past temperament, no matter how good the dog may be in other aspects.
Beware of extremes in whippet temperament, from aggressive, to timid, neither are correct for this breed, whippets may be aloof, but NEVER timid! Temperament is genetic, parents will pass on their temperament to their puppies, so meeting the parents is so important, there are some lines of whippets with major aggression issues and sadly most have major timidness issues.

ANKC Standard

CHARACTERISTICS An ideal companion. Highly adaptable in domestic and sporting surroundings.

TEMPERAMENT Gentle, affectionate, even disposition.

The Whippet is one of the least aggressive of dogs, both with people and with other dogs. He is gentle and affectionate in the extreme, but will also form a very close relationship with one particular person. He is amenable to discipline and very anxious to please. Whilst all this is true, he should not be at all retiring or shy. He might not be very interested in you, as a stranger, but he most definitely should not be timid, and will, given cause, warn off intruders.

FCI Standard
TEMPERAMENT: An ideal companion. Highly adaptable in domestic and sporting surroundings. Gentle, affectionate, even disposition.

AKC Standard

Temperament: Amiable, friendly, gentle, but capable of great intensity during sporting pursuits

Ashsinhalt Whippets is a kennel based in Adelaide, South Australia, breeding whippets for function! Although I dabble in dog showing in the warmer months when dog sports are over, I fell in love with the working whippet, the true whippet, a powerful, confident, driven dog, the dog that can excel in anything he puts his mind to, the dog who works with you, not a dog to please you, but a dog who wants to work with you, as a team.
I am dedicated to breeding whippets true to type and functionality, striving to produce whippets back to their original purpose, excelling out in the field!

I am a true Whippet lover through and through, my first dog was a whippet and my last will be one too, I am entirely dedicated to this breed and will always strive to breed the best whippet I can, to be amazing pets and workers for everyone to enjoy.


Rikka aka Ashsinhalt Keikaku at 7 weeks of age with an appropriately sized bunny


Kiera aka Ch. Hartzfyrre Song Of Ice N Fire Et. JC., our beautiful foundation bitch to Ashsinhalt whippets