Saramar U Got The Look At Ashsinhalt (IMP NZL)

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Bred By:

Debs Murch

Date of Birth:

23/6/22, 2:30 am




43.5cm at 5 months of age


too young to measure


Too young to measure



Too young to compete

Yumeko, nicknamed Yumi, is a relaxed and calm puppy, she spends most of the day sleeping and doesnt require too much exercise or stimulation. Yumi loves being outside, doesn't care about the cold, rain or storms, I have to make her come inside when the weather is bad because she will just stay outside otherwise! From the moment we picked her up from the airport, she has been a confident little girl, not at all fased by the over 24 hours from her home in NZ to finally with us in Australia. She was happy and bouncy and full of life! A real credit to her awesome breeder.

She has nice prey drive and has been put behind the lure at 4 months of age where she absolutely loved it! But her attention span is very short right now because she's a young puppy. Her food drive is low and lacks motivation to work for food, she really just loves to do her own thing and lounge around in the sun or on my bed.

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