Ashsinhalt Akuma O Atsukau


Bred By:

Georgina Roberts

Date of Birth:

22/1/22, 4:41 am




Too young to measure


Too young to weigh


To young to compete


To young to compete


Ryota was the stand out puppy out of our Rikka X Lucky litter from the moment he was born. He is incredibly intelligent, confident, agile, fast and so willing to learn, he is a breeze to train and even better to live with, he is so perfect in every way.

I've never raised such an easy puppy, from toilet training, to crate training and everything in-between, he has never needed to be 'trained' he knows what he needs to do and does it with no complaints!

I can see both his mummy Rikka and his daddy Lucky in him, he has Rikka's intelligence and natural sit, but Lucky's super sweet personality! He is so confident and loves to explore new places, people and anything he sees, he loves to put everything in his mouth which is equally good and stressful! We didn't plan on keeping a boy from this litter, but after loosing Elliott, he really feel like Elliott sent us Ryota from heaven. He could not have made a better choice.


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