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Ashsinhalt Akuma O Atsukau

Pedigree Link:

Bred By:

Georgina Roberts



Health Testing Results

Date of Birth:

22/1/22, 4:41 am




Light Fawn Brindle and White






Working on his conformation title



2xMinor Puppy In Group

2xPuppy In group

2xJunior In Group

8xDog Challenge

1xBest Of Breed

Ryota was the stand out puppy out of our Rikka X Lucky litter from the moment he was born. He is incredibly intelligent, confident, agile, fast and so willing to learn, he is a breeze to train and even better to live with, he is so perfect in every way.

I've never raised such an easy puppy, from toilet training, to crate training and everything in-between, he has never needed to be 'trained' he knows what he needs to do and does it with no complaints, he learns a lot from the other dogs by watching them.

I can see both his mummy Rikka and his daddy Lucky in him, he has Rikka's intelligence and tight, sound sit, but Lucky's super sweet and sooky personality! He is so confident and loves to explore new places, people and anything he sees, he loves to put everything in his mouth which is equally good and stressful! We didn't plan on keeping a boy from this litter, but after loosing Elliott, it really felt like Elliott sent us Ryota from heaven. He could not have made a better choice. Getting older Ryota hasnt changed much, his intelligence is phenominal and easily my smartest dog now. Working on scent work, tracking and obedience, all new sports to me (and him) but we are both doing super well. As much as I love the girls fearless and bold personalities, the boys certainly are the easiest to train and want to do anything to make you happy! He is a nice break from the willful girls and I am thoroughly enjoying our training. I never showed Ryota has a baby and havent done much showing with him now as well, he is 1/4 of the way towards his title, even though he is in his ugly stage right now, I can't wait to see what he matures like. Ryota has had some incredible lure coursing runs, his speed is amazing! truely a Rikka son! I can't wait until he is old enough to compete. He has grown taller than I would have liked, although still within standard and still smaller than most of the male whippets around now.


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