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Ashsinhalt Dokoni Ite Mo

Pedigree Link:

Bred By:

Georgina Roberts

Date of Birth:

6/12/22, 3:12 am






Too young to test


Too young to compete


Too young to compete

Mikasa has always been a stand out puppy, i've had my eye on her since she was born and she has just continued to impress me every step of the way. Growing more beautiful with age, but most imporantly, her confidence and drive is just phenomenal, from the mum she could stand she could walk, from walking she was running and she has never stopped. Her chase instinct is strong and she loves to kill all of her toys, run through tunnels, run over wobble boards, climb obstacles and much more, if it is there, it is no problem of hers. Mikasa is a chunky puppy with dense weight, will be very interesting to watch as she grows, hopefully not too big!

Health Testing

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