Our Whippets


All my whippets are working whippets, I train my dogs to compete in weight pull, sledding and lure coursing, but also dabble in conformation from time to time.
But the real fun for us is doing what the breed is intended to do, hunting rabbits!

Currently my whippet Elliott holds the Australian whippet weight pulling record at 560kg and is Australia's first weight pull titled whippet.
Elliott holds the current fastest whippet in sledding competition at almost 30km/h.


Super happy to announce Rikka, aka Ashsinhalt Keikaku JC., is the 2021 Australia's Fastest Whippet in the yearly Battle Of The States event, not only is she 2021's official winner, but she is also the fastest whippet to EVER compete in Battle Of The States!

My whippets are not kennelled, they have free roam of the house and yard during the day, you will find the adults spend most of the time in my bed or on the couches (puppies usually being naughty doing something they shouldn't be or creating a race course throughout the house!), or if it is a sunny day, you'll likely find everyone asleep on the lawn in the sun!

During the week all the dogs go on 10km+ long hikes through the forest, sprint runs behind our drag lure, sledding runs through the forest and of course fun at the beach! then on most weekends we have competitions, either sledding, weight pull, lure coursing or conformation, if no competitions are on, we go hunting. This keeps them all fit and healthy, and of course, very happy!

Health Testing

Health testing is extremely important for ALL breeds of dogs, every single breeder should be health testing for as much as possible in each of their dogs

According to the Whippet Health Foundation, whippets must be tested for: (in Australian schemes)
ACES (eyes) tested in each year bred

Echocardiogram (Heart) tested in each year bred

BAER (Hearing) tested once

and recommends further testing including:

Thyroid tested once

Myostatin Deficiency tested once

ORCHID/AVA Hips and Elbows tested once


If a breeder is not doing, at a bare minimum, basic health testing, please look at a different breeder! There is absolutely no excuse to not health test dogs before breeding! If a breeder is cutting costs via health testing, what else are they cutting costs on and what are their true intentions for breeding?


Currently all my dogs get ACES (eyes), BAER (Hearing), Echocardiogram (Heart), ORCHID Hip & Elbows, and I am currently looking at where to get Thyroid done as well as a full panel DNA that includes Myostatin (currently not available in Australia)