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Nezuko's Pregnancy 

Nezuko came into heat on the 14th July! She will be inseminated via TCI to chillen semen from Lorenzo.

Based on Nez's ovulation date, she will be due on the 28th of September, 2023.

14th July - Day one of heat cycle

21st July (Day 7) - 1.5nmol/L
24th July (Day 10) - 3nmol/L

27th July (Day 13) - 14.1nmol/L (Ovulation)

29th July - (Day 15) - 60nmol/L

31st July (Day 18) - TCI insemination

1st August (Day 19) - TCI insemination

Week 1.jpg

Week 1

Week 1 Measurements


Waist: 40cm
No physical changes yet.

Week 2.jpg

Week 2

Week 2 Measurements


Waist: 40.5cm
Slight weight gain and nipples red and swollen, however Nez is notourious for her false pregnancies so can't get any hopes up yet!

Week 3.jpg

Week 3

Week 3 Measurements


Waist: 41.5cm
Definitely a little belly present! But again, we can't get our hopes up too much as Nez does get false preganncies after each heat cycle, which can be difficult to tell apart from a real pregnancy, but fingers crossed!


Ultrasound Day!

We are excited to announce Nezuko is pregnant! Day 24 from Ovulation.

Week 4.jpg

Week 4

Week 4 Measurements


Waist: 43cm
Nez is really starting to feel the pregnancy now and is not wanting to eat much food at all, we will continue to hand fed and feed diffferent yummy foods to encourage her to eat!
Her baby belly is becoming more notceable as well.

Week 5.jpg

Week 5

Week 5 Measurements


Waist: 43.5cm
Appetite is picking up again which is good, she's being very sooky and enjoying more naps.

week 6.jpg

Week 6

Week 6 Measurements


Waist: 50cm
Nez's belly has grown very big this week! She is so sooky and just wants to sleep all day and I do not blame her, shes huge! 

Week 7.jpg

Week 7

Week 7 Measurements


Waist: 52cm
Nez has been sleeping a lot more this week and her appetite has increased a lot, she seems to be enjoying this pregnancy and enjoying all her naps! 

Week 8.jpg

Week 8

Week 8 Measurements


Waist: 59.5cm
Nez has slowed down this week, napping all day long and wanting many belly rubs! 

Gyotaru - Brindle Boy
Daki - Blue Brindle Piebald Girl
Makio - Brindle Girl
Doma - Brindle Boy
Tengen - Blue Brindle Boy
Hinatsuru - Blue Fawn Girl

Week 9

Nezuko gave birth on day 62 of her pregnancy, on the 27th September, 2023.
6 beautiful and healthy babies born! 3 Girls and 3 Boys.

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