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Ch. Hartzfyrre Song Of Ice N Fire JC. 'Kiera' X
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Kiera is having one final litter at the end of the year!

Kiera and Harry clicked so well and produced some gorgeous show stopping babies.

Our keeper puppy Nezuko in just three short months of showing has taken home:

9x Best Baby Puppy In Group

1x Best Baby Puppy In Show

1x Best Baby Puppy In Specialty Show

ALL classes were very competitive, especially putting up some competition against a basset and a ridgeback baby in particular under two high regarded breeders, she didn't win all the time, but she certainly gave them a good fight!

Nez was 2nd place rising star whippet (second to a much older whippet) and 4th place rising star national hound group before her injury and taking a big break from showing, sadly she has missed out on too many shows to make it back up to the top, but I know for a fact she would be unstoppable, she was younger than all of the other risingstar puppies and not far behind on points!

And the gorgeous Roberto who went to live with Jenni and his daddy Harry in Queensland took out 2x Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show wins at his first two shows!

We have had Nezuko, Peter, Luna and Matilda on the drag lure so far, all of them taken to the lure from the get go, complete naturals!

Nezuko has her beautiful natural retrieve and prey drive and I'm sure the other pups do as well.

Harry is truly an amazing whippet and shows himself in his progeny, I am so honoured to be given the opportunity to use him again for some more Demon Slayer babies.

We already have a lot of interest in this litter but happy to take more enquiries of course, the first litter has more than proven themselves in the ring, I would love to see more show homes this time around!

We are predicting Kiera to come onto heat end of October, litter to be born late December, pups ready to go in March