Hartzfyrre Song Of Ice N Fire 'Kiera' X

Ch. FCh. SFCh. Alarves Wham Bam Thanku Maam LCX2

I am excited to announce the planned pairing of Harry and Kiera late this year!

Harry is a dog I've had my eye on for quite some time, not only for his good looks and winnings as a conformation dog, but most importantly, his confident and outgoing, friendly personality and his obvious instinct and drive. Harry has both his Field Championship and Singles Field Championship titles, the highest titles a dog can earn in the sport of Lure Coursing.

Paired along with Kiera's keen instinct, drive and power, I am expecting some great pups that will excel in the field as well as on the couch!



Sporting homes taking preference.

Please feel free to enquire about this litter, please note I do not take waiting lists as such and cannot guarantee a puppy, I pick owners based on the puppies personalities, so if I have a bunch of families after a quite, calm puppy, but I have a litter of high drive puppies, I will not place any puppy in those homes.
I will always strive to place puppies into homes I think will work out, so both the puppy and the families are happy.

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