Ferrets and whippets work hand in hand, it is almost as if they have an instinct to work together and understand each other, like it is in their blood! Watching a whippet work with a ferret is truly the most amazing sight, it is absolutely unbelievable how quickly and easily a whippet learns to work with ferrets and vise versa. A whippet, so incredibly quick to a bolted rabbit, yet wont even flinch if a ferret comes out of the warren empty handed, it will always amaze me!

Ferreting is something we enjoy doing as much as possible, we do it as a free service to anyone to help rid their rabbit populations. Being able to naturally control rabbit populations in as little suffering as possible is important to us, many of our permissions use baits, which causes a lot of suffering to the rabbits, so we are able to offer them a quick and humane method of controlling their wild rabbit populations instead.

When the ferrets aren't doing their much loved job, they are lapping up the luxury pet life at home! All of our ferrets are 100% balanced raw fed of course with plenty of fun and games during the day, I just love watching them bounce around like lunatics playing with each other, running through tunnels or going absolutely nuts in a tub of rice!


During spring and summer our girls will all start to come into heat. Ferrets are quite a unique species and will not come out of heat unless bred, surgically altered or chemically altered, if left in heat they will secrete high levels of estrogen and if this hormone stays in the blood for a prolonged period of time, it will cause a progressive depression of bone marrow that results in a severe, life threatening aplastic anemia which is fatal.

All of our intact girls are regularly checked and either bred if we are wanting a litter from them, or otherwise altered to come out of heat asap. We will typically have one to two litters a year to add a future hunting partner to our family, these litters are carefully planned well in advance. Click here for litter updates.

Our ferrets are always pets first and foremost, a hunting ferret will not be vicious or any less of a good pet, a hunting ferret is simply a ferret that is good at tracking and following prey, meaning they must have a good nose and be confident and curious enough to follow and push a rabbit out of a warren.

Kits are all microchipped, vaccinated and parasite treated before leaving, they are all handled since day 1 and hopefully starting to grasp the idea of nip training and litter training, but these will need to be followed through in their new homes as well.

Why we dont desex our kits, read here - https://www.unusualpetvets.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/desexing-options-for-ferrets.pdf