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Sport Clubs

Adelaide Lure Coursing Club -

Lure coursing

South Australian Sled Dog Club -

Dryland Sledding, Weight Pull

Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Club of SA -
Weight Pull

Breed Clubs

The Whippet & Greyhound Club of South Australia -

The Whippet Club of NSW -

The Whippet Association of Victoria -

ANKC State Bodies

Australian National Kennel Council -

Dogs SA -

Dogs Vic -

Dogs NSW -

Dogs Queensland -

Dogs ACT -

Dogs NT -

Dogs West -

Dogs Tasmania -

Other Links

Raw Fed Riley -
Premade raw diets, treats and toys

Raw Feeding Advice and Support -
Facebook group for information and advice on raw feeding

The Australia Raw Feeding Community -
Facebook group for information and advice on raw feeding (Australian based)

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