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Ashsinhalt Keikaku X Sprinter's Pride

I am excited to announce the planned pairing between Rikka and Blue, planned for early 2022.

Blue is an outstanding whippet residing in the UK, he has the best pedigree of any whippet I have seen still alive and I am so excited and so grateful to Blue's owners for allowing me to import his semen.
Blue's pedigree heavily features Strike While The Iron Is Hot, who was probably the best working whippet to date, from the renowned breeder and working whippet enthusiast, Mike Brown, who produced such outstanding whippets, that no one has been able to compare.
Having Mike Browns dogs in my lineage will be a true blessing.
Blue is a beautiful whippet, standing at 21 inches, with the correct whippet temperament, but of course, retains the correct drive and instinct, he is a working whippet able to catch rabbits, rats and hares on the bolt

Rikka is our beautiful homebred girl out of Kiera and Dusty, she has a correct whippet temperament with a lot of drive and instinct, she was a complete natural on the drag lure with a natural retrieve to hand, since 4 months of age. Rikka has been hunting rabbits, rats, mice and pigeons with an ever increasing prey drive and ability.


Rikka aka Ashsinhalt Keikaku