Kiera's Pregnancy

Kiera had a total of 5 Progesterone tests done before she was inseminated, the progesterone test is an inhouse blood test that tests for the progesterone levels in the blood to pinpoint the exact time of ovulation. This process is crucial for timing artificial inseminations correctly, but also often done for natural matings as well.

19th August, 2020 - Heat day one
25th August - 1st prog test
28th August - 2nd prog test
1st September - 3rd prog test

3rd September - 4th prog test

5th September - 5th prog test

8th September - Artificial Insemination (TCI)

Week 0 - 1

The first week Kiera is acting completely normal, no signs to give away anything at all
Kiera weighs an average of 12kg

Within a few days, sperm reaches the egg and fertilisation occurs.

Week 2

Kiera has been noticeably more affectionate and no longer her usual picky self with food, no physical changes

The fertilized eggs make their way to the uterus for implantation. You may notice behavioural changes in your dog that represent the first signs pregnancy. For example, she may become moody or more affectionate.

Week 3


Ultrasound done at 21 days to confirm she is pregnant! we were able to count 5 however ultrasounds are never reliable for numbers, but we know there are at least 5 babies in there!
Kiera has grown a little baby bump at this point, nipples are slightly red and enlarged slightly as well

Your dog may begin to display mood swings, appetite changes, and breast tissue development. At this point, implantation has taken place and the embryos begin to develop.

Week 4

Baby belly is now clearly noticeable, she has been noticeably growing bigger everyday after this point, her chest has widened noticeably
She is really starting to slow down already at this point and play less with the other dogs

The fetuses can be felt in the uterine horns around day 28, and can also be seen by ultrasound. The spinal cords are developing, and the fetuses are beginning to grow facial features. Your bitch's uterus will shortly fill with fluids to protect the fetuses. After this, it will be weeks until the puppies can be felt again. Also, your dog's appetite will likely increase, so offer her more of her food.

Week 5

Continuing to grow bigger and bigger everyday at a very noticeable rate, nipples enlarged
Puppies have starting dropping down into belly now, rather than her chest
Kiera is slowing down even further and sleeping most of the time now

The fetuses develop their sex organs and begin to look like actual puppies. The leg buds lengthen and develop toes. Your dog's belly will begin to look noticeably swollen as the pups take up more space. With less room for full meals, it's time to begin serving smaller meals more frequently.

Week 6

Kiera is always hungry now and getting twice as much food as usual! Vulva is noticeable enlarged, she has gained 4kg at this point, now weighing 15.9kg

On days 36 - 42, pups continue to grow and pigmentation develops. The eyes now have lids and remain sealed until approximately ten days after birth. Your dog is noticeably more uncomfortable at this point. She may vomit occasionally due to the extra pressure against her stomach. You may also notice clear fluid discharge from her vulva. This is normal.

Week 7

Kiera 5 weeks pregnant

Kiera is constantly sleeping and hiding herself away from the boisterous puppies, always asleep in my bed under the sheets! She's becoming uncomfortable with her size now. she has gained a further kilo this week, now at 16.9kgs
Babies are able to be felt and seen moving around and kicking! can't imagine how uncomfortable they would feel!

Puppies are well-developed and now begin attaining size in preparation for birth. This is when you can feel puppies move in your bitch's abdomen. Her breasts are well developed. The breasts probably contain a bit of colostrum or "first milk." Your dog is noticeably tired and may begin searching for a place to whelp. Time to set up a whelping box.

Week 8

Kiera is eating less and toileting very frequently! Babies are very active now!


The pups have fur and are now crowded in the uterus. You may notice a lot of activity as they get into position for the coming birth. Your dog may begin digging the bedding in the whelping box. This is natural "nesting" behaviour. 

Puppies born!

Right on time on day 63, Kiera gave birth to 7 beautiful little babies! 3 boys and 4 girls!