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Georgina Roberts

Currently residing in Royston Park, South Australia after the Woodside fires.

Before enquiring about our puppies, please be sure to check out the Puppies page, which is kept up to date on all of our current and planned litters.

Please note: working, sporting and active homes take preference!
We breed whippets with high prey drive and energy requirements, although we can have a couple calmer puppies in a litter, these are few an far between. Please ensure you are aware before contacting, thank you.

STOP!! Please read before contacting
We breed WORKING whippets, please acknowledge this before contacting us. We do not breed calm puppies, this does not mean my puppies aren't pets, they certainly are, this just means they are higher energy and prey driven over other whippets in Australia and for the protection of my puppies I will no longer be replying to people after a calm, couch potato dog, as they clearly have not read my website and don't know what they are getting into.
I want to set my puppies up for success in homes that want a crazy, smart, trainable puppy.

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